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Team Building

Tired of ordinary events with a canned, boring approach? We have the solution. Companies choose us for their corporate team building activities again and again because of our commitment to provide something new, appropriate and, above all, engaging.

Something magical happens to people when they play, create and achieve together. They begin to see themselves and each other differently through learning with, and about, each other. Interpersonal relationships grow, morale improves and co-operation becomes the norm. No matter what challenges we dream up for your special event, your group will walk away with a strong bond forged through conquering hurdles together. And the best part is that employee performance skyrockets!

  • Volleyball
  • Navigational Treasure Hunt with one pot cooking
  • Minefield Crossing
  • Trust Walk
  • Mission In Possible
  • Bazooka
  • Acid River Crossing
  • Twister
  • Spider Web Construction
  • Steam Engine
  • Brick Race
  • Stretcher Building
  • Target Shooting
  • Four way Tug of War
  • Building a Raft
  • Building a Cart
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Stay Together
Timings – 0800 AM – 0500 PM